Graphic Design

At UOZDesign, recognize the importance of brand identity, business collaterals and all of the other communication documents associated with it. We will plan, analyze and create visual solutions for you.

Be it artists or designers, we are all on an endless pursuit for what is “right”.

Join us as we explore and share what we have discovered.

graphic design

Graphic Design process

Our design process is structured around the client, ensuring that they get the highest quality solutions appropriate to their communication, business or marketing needs.

Design Brief

  • Discussion between the client and us on what is required such as objectives, timing, budget etc.
  • Formal discussion on the project in details. Focusing on technical issues, budget constraints, timelines and corporate identity guidelines.
  • Creating and confirming the design brief.

Design Concept

  • Development
    Reviewing of the brief, corporate materials and company identity standards to ensure total understanding of the project context and the corporate requirements.
  • Draft concepts
    Mock ups are created and the most appropriate options would be selected for further development.
  • Show and Tell
    The visual solutions would be presented to the clients and the design would be explained in details to the client, including font play, colours etc.
  • Cross check
    The suggested design solution would be evaluated against the design brief to ensure that we are all looking at the same direction.
  • Revision
    After gathering reviews and feedbacks from the client, we will revise and review the design accordingly and present the design again.

Design Deliverables

  • Artwork and design proof is sent to client for final approval.
  • Upon approval the artwork is sent to the client in the formats agreed upon. The client is also given an option if they would like us to do a back-up of their artwork for them on our system.

Design Production

  • If printing is required and agreed upon we will send the artwork to a commercial printer to get a colour proof.
  • We will match and check the colour for you and will also send you a copy of the colour proof for your approval.
  • Mass production of design collaterals.