1. The Hand Tool

Key combination: Hold Spacebar
Simply hold the spacebar to temporarily change your current tool to the Hand Tool. You can then pan around your entire image and continue working with your current tool at your desired area. EPIC!

2. Apply Levels

Key combination: Ctrl+L
Levels is one of the most powerful editing tools in photoshop. You can use it to remove colour casts, add extra warmth and boost the contrast of your images. If you want photoshop to adjust the levels for you automatically just hold down Shift+Ctrl+L.

3. Hiding the Palettes

Key combination: Tab
Ever wondered how you can remove the numerous on screen clutter? The endless boxes and palettes on photoshop maybe distracting and cluttering your image. Simply hit Tab to hide them, to bring them back just hit Tab again.

4. Saving

Key combination: Crtl + S and Ctrl + Shift + S
A must know for every designer who has experience crashes on photoshop. Ctrl + Shift + S is a save as function whereas Ctrl + S is used to initiate a basic save.

5. Undoing Multiple Steps Back

Key combination: Ctrl + Alt + Z
A known fact in photoshop is that Ctrl + Z allows you to undo once. But in many instances we do need to undo or step back more than just once. Ctrl + Alt + Z allows you to do just that. Nifty Trick!

6. Abort Anything

Key combination: Esc
Applied an effect that’s taking ages to apply and you realised that it’s not the one you want? Don’t like the selection you have initiated? Hit Esc on the keyboard to go back to your image.

7. Sizing Image to fit on screen

Key combination: Double click on the handtool
The handtool is found in your toolbox and will zoom your image to make it fit onto your screen.

8. Zooming In and Out

Key combination: Ctrl + and Ctrl –
Zooming in and zooming out is used frequently to check the fine details of your image making sure there are no silly errors. These shortcuts is extremely useful when you have a filter or some other panels opened whereby the zoom tool is not available via the task bar. With this short cut, you will still be able to zoom in or out. The key combination might be in a weird location but hey, it’s a real useful shortcut.

9. Viewing an image at 100%

Key combination: Double-click on the zoom tool or Ctrl + 1
As we polish our work, from time to time we will need to check how the image is turning out on a 100% view. There are multiple ways to do this but one of the easiest way would be to just double-click on the zoom tool or to hit Ctrl + 1 on your keyboard.

10. Change the brush size

Key combination: ] or [
When you are using the brush tool or any tool that uses brushes, you can adjust the size of the brushes by using using the square bracket keys.

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