This post will allows you to understand more about the workspace in photoshop and how to customize the layout of your workspace to what suit you most.
To give you a brief explaination on what is a workspace, it is basically the menus and tools that you see on your photoshop layout.

Using Photoshop Preset Workspace

Photoshop have several preset workspace settings which you can access using 2 methods.
One of the way is to access it on the top menu via Windows – Workspace.

You can also switch between preset workspace on the top right hand corner of the photoshop. You should be able to see the word Essentials if you are using the default. Click on it and it will dropdown a list of the preset workspace.

If you are using the Essential Default mode, your layout should be similar to this.

Customise and save your own workspace setting

You can also customise your own workspace instead of using photoshop preset settings. To do so simply add or remove the tools under the window menu. You can move the tools around to your preferences.

After you have found your ideal layout and tools, you can save it via Windows – Workspace – Save Workspace. You should see a popup that asked you to name your workspace and choose the setting to be captured. Choose panel locations and menus and then click ok.

Now you have understood the workspace in photoshop. Usually it takes time to play around and the get the best layout that fits different individual. Enjoy.

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  1. Teiya
    August 26, 2011, 12:25 am

    Always a good job right here. Keep rolnlig on through.

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